Soltron IW Ltd - enzyme fuel treatment

SOLTRON® - The enzyme fuel treatment

SOLTRON® in road fuels

Eliminate poor fuel quality

SOLTRON® in marine fuels

Reduces CO, NO x VOCs HC and smoke

SOLTRON® in commercial, industrial and road fuels

Use in distillates and residual fuel

Why use SOLTRON®

Eliminates microbial growth and sludge. Increased fuel efficiency and engine performance

SOLTRON in Marine fuels

Increase efficiency and reliability

  • Eliminates diesel bug and sludge contamination
  • Reduces environmentally harmful and illegal emissions
  • Improves engine efficiency

Soltron contains enzymes which breaks up contamination which passes through the filter leading to cleaner and more efficient fuel your engine.

Poor fuel quality has a potential impact on your vessels operation, treating or purchasing Pre-treated fuel eliminates these issues and restores fuel stability.

SOLTRON in commercial, industrial and road fuels

Use in red or white and biofuels

  • Eliminate poor fuel quality
  • Improve fuel quality with Bio fuels
  • Improve efficiency
  • Stabilising fuel in storage facilities

Cars, trucks, Buses, commercial plant needs clean fuel to work efficient, Soltron controls these issues their use allows engines to run cleaner and produce more output with less emissions.


Soltron is a proven technology which has been supplying the industry more than 20 years, contamination has become an increased risk for both marine and transport industry, by maintaining fuel quality your improve engine where and auxiliary parts and reduce the risk engine failure, our enzymes are designed and engineered to work on these issues to improve fuel management.

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